Poem: Compliments & Coersion

“You look like an exotic Amazonian goddess.”

“I’ve never been fortunate enough to taste such divine chocolate as yourself.”

“Hey baby,

Why don’t you walk that cake over here

so I can have a slice?”

Sorry not sorry


I don’t care if it’s just the tip,

NoMeans No

I don’t care if you’ve waited a year

No MeansNo

I’m closed for business.

What’s in my pants

under my shirt

up my skirt

is mine and mine alone.

So you can keep your “dayum shawty”

I don’t want it I don’t need it

My body is my property

get off my lawn

This is not what love looks like

you’re despicable

sullying that sacred 4-letter word.

“Are you as kinky as your hair?

Lemme see you drop down & touch your toes.”

People like you are the reason the

goals of the feminist movement are skewed

people like you are the reason women

walk home at night clutching their

purses and furtively glancing

left and right.

I shouldn’t have to be forced to hide my castle away

I own this ish

It is mine and mine alone

so now and forever


your “compliments” are unappreciated


Poem: Compliments & Coersion

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