#Update: Finding a Personality

Riding a large, unanticipated wave of energy means the dreams are big once again. My gnat-like attention span means I typically don’t keep a blog theme for longer than a year, but I’m hoping that gradual changes–instead of the usual “change everything now” approach” will make consistency more tenable. In an effort to find a lasting blogging personality, I’ve planned the following changes. Hopefully I can kick the implementation snowball downhill before Strangling creeps in, at which point progress will grind to a halt until Breath comes to save me. Hopefully, Developments will stave off the entrance of Strangling and allow me to breathe for a while longer.

  1. A new rating system. Stars are trustworthy but they’re oh so boring. I’ve also determined that my former rubric is much too shallow. I’m adding a few more items to make rating more accurate.
  2. Post queues. Queues will help out when Strangling or school prevent me from writing every week.
  3. Custom images. This will be most applicable to the new rating system, but I’m also hoping to add something to the site header. I might post some random personal artwork. Maybe.
  4. Developments. I’ve begun Developments to help keep Strangling in check because it comes fast and it comes often. It’s affecting my life in ways I don’t like so I’m taking action. I prefer to breathe.
  5. Related work. I’m toying with the idea of listing authors’ other books under my main post, if applicable. I’m not sure whether I’m in love with this idea yet.
  6. Gradual change. Random new themes and layouts are jarring to long-time readers (thanks for your patience!) so I’ll try to stop doing that.

This is where I would include an awesome footer or a cute sign-off message/slogan if I had one.


#Update: Finding a Personality

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